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Wet paint

Latest Impression

Lights on a Still Night Reguliersgracht, Amsterdam


Painted then hung in a gallery exhibit with pride of place while drying, then sold in a short space of time to previous patrons of my work whilst they were visiting from the USA. Way to go.

The Making of Delphi Apollo

A WORK IN PROGRESS My homage to the mythology surrounding Apollo and Ancient Delphi is a labour of love. If I had worked it out on paper before painting, in the traditional method, I imagine it would have taken much less time to complete. Instead it is an organic painting that grew into what it […]

Delphi Apollo

Ancient Delphi Brought Back to Life Through Apollo Oils on Linen 140 X 140 cm 2008/2018 Artists©Shaun Herron “Shaun Herron’s painting of Delphi is multi-leveled and intense. Nebulous figures, like divine spirits, float above the oracular temple, as if they formed part of some vision, adding considerably to the overall illusionary effect. The scene could represent […]