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Freyja’s Choice

Herron re-living (or dying) the dream that was the only time that war was ever glorious. Depicted here collecting Her entitled half of those that died in battle to receive in Her hall, Odin would always let Freyja get the first pick before He consented to the Valkyries escorting the rest of the fallen to […]

Drawing Commissions

A selection of realistic drawings made on request. The first one of aquatic birds was a re-drawn enlargement chosen from one of over 300 colour pencil drawings I made a long time ago for my book about water called PRECIOUS. The second (left to right) is of brother and sister pups in commemoration (for both […]

Wet paint – latest commission

Sunset over Bonapartedok/Antwerp 40 X 50cm Oils on linnen The 2nd of a set painted for a patron in Belgium. June 2018

Out of Black 3

Out of The Dark Pastel drawing II ‘Goede Morgen Amsterdam’ Chalk pastel on A3 black paper 1st attempt with chalk instead of oil pastel To be continued … 2018 Artists©Shaun Herron


‘Resonant Transition’ At a place of transformation between oscillations, states and dimensions. A change in style frequency for me. And I think I will stay with it for a bit. Oils and acrylic on canvas 95 X 70 cm 37.40 x 27.55 inch 2017 Artists©Shaun Herron


‘Homage to The Lushness of a Tree Worthy of Prosterity’ Oils on mounted wood panel 30 X 40 cm 2017 Artists©Shaun Herron

Figure drawing

This figure drawing shows quite radical foreshortening (closer arm bigger than distant arm) but that is perspective for you. Emphasis is on the lines, demonstrated by the central vertical under the chin and the diagonals of the arms, with corresponding blank spaces. And, of course, there is attention to the cluster of hair and overall […]

Recently Sold

‘On Her Way’ A scene from the Belgian countryside. Oils on mounted wood panel 30 X 40 cm 2017 Artists©Shaun Herron

Closing drawing for PRECIOUS

Finally, after about 17 years since the last drawing I did for “PRECIOUS_ A journey through life with water”, I have completed the closing drawing. Written on the page is the excerpt that inspired the project: “How did he love this water, how did it delight him, how grateful was he to it! In his […]

Painting Sizes

These paintings are all accumulated in anticipation of a varnish coating. I thought it good to share in order to give an idea of their sizes.

Recent Commission

‘De Oude Haven van Hoorn’ Rising moon and setting sun highlighting De Hoofdtoren at the old harbour of Hoorn, North Holland. Oils on canvas 50 X 50 cm Commission – USA 2017Artist image©Shaun Herron

Recent Commission

Commissioned painting of low light on the old harbour of Hoorn, The Netherlands. (It was viewed as such, moon and all) Done for some sisters in the USA whose mother is from Hoorn. Oils on canvas 50 x 50 cm 2017 Artists©Shaun Herron

Recently Sold

‘Serenity’ Oils on canvas 70 X 90cm 2016 Artists©Shaun Herron (To St. Kitts & Nevis)

Recently Sold

‘Venice of The North’ Low winter sun striking buildings and houseboats. Prinsengracht, looking into The Jordaan, Amsterdam Oils on canvas 40 X 50 cm 2016 Artists©Shaun Herron (To The Netherlands)

Recently Sold

‘Passing Through’ Winter movement through the Rijksmuseum from Museumplein, Amsterdam Oils on canvas 40 X 50 cm 2016 Artists©Shaun Herron (To Belgium) *Note: likes are anonymous and any personal details asked by the site for comments, reviews and registration are solely seen by me for approval. Your 1st name and comments will be the only things […]

Welcome to my new personal gallery website

At last! The means are here to create a personal gallery. A forum to display my latest projects and sell them directly. Special focus is on the release of my coffee table art book of 100 penciled nudes titled FROM HERrON and it’s availability for immediate purchase. Displayed in the Gallery and Shop are my […]

Herron Exhibition – Manifacto – February/March 2017

FROM HERrON books and originals are currently on show at Manifacto. (Commelinstraat 250A, Amsterdam) Manifacto  is a sizeable new tattoo studio, art gallery and art boutique that will also be hosting creative workshops and lectures. It aims at creating a platform for artists, craft makers and art lovers. Their mission is to bridge the gap […]