Delphi Apollo

Delphi Apollo

Ancient Delphi Brought Back to Life Through Apollo
Oils on Linen 140 X 140 cm
2008/2018 Artists©Shaun Herron

“Shaun Herron’s painting of Delphi is multi-leveled and intense.
Nebulous figures, like divine spirits, float above the oracular temple, as if they formed part of some vision, adding considerably to the overall illusionary effect. The scene could represent the sphere of our 6th sense carrying the viewer away, to a different universe where the immaterial can be visible, if only to gifted individuals.

The mystic ambience is equally served by the ecstatic and -at the same time- solemn figures.
Herron’s Muses are rendered transparent, nearly immaterial (as spirits would have been) and yet so vivid and earthly -a perfect embodiment of art and genius, exactly of what they protected and represented.

Nature’s participation also draws from classical Greek vase-painting. In all probability Shaun has never seen the respective sherds (some not yet exhibited) but subconsciously and intuitively he walks on the trail of archaic masters.
He depicts birds flying low and observing the rite, thus encompassing allegory and physical motion.

Herron’s work is refined, elaborate and inspired but especially his zest to render it as accurately historically as possible demonstrates a respectful scholarly attitude, without suppressing his artistic approach. On these grounds, Herron is clearly influenced by classical masters. His painting of Delphi finds a place among interpretations that help  someone visually reconstruct and relate to the site.”

Dr Elena C. Partida
[previously Curator of Delphi Antiquities – site/museum]

Shaun Herron reserves all reproduction rights and copyright for this piece.
The original painting belongs to his daughter.

50 X 50cm Prints on canvas (signed with a personal stamp) can be made available on demand.

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(with additions from Dr Elena C. Partida), close-ups and earlier viewers comments
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