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Drawing Commissions

Drawing Commissions

A selection of realistic drawings made on request.

The first one of aquatic birds was a re-drawn enlargement chosen from one of over 300 colour pencil drawings I made a long time ago for my book about water called PRECIOUS.
The second (left to right) is of brother and sister pups in commemoration (for both owners); compiled from various photos after the sister passed away.
The third is of a friends’ dog, commissioned by her parents as a gift to her. I took him for a walk to get some reference photos.
And the fourth is a recent commission where I took a photo of her back to create my own composition as reference to reconstruct a tattoo [Designed and tattooed by Izhar of Manifacto Tattoo, Amsterdam]. This last one being the most challenging – to redraw a tattoo in miniature.

I will gladly make a drawing for you from a photo or combination of photos.
I ask €100 to €200 for an A3 rendering – depending on details.

Contact Shaun via herron7@inorbit.com or via Fbook

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