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To see PRECIOUS – A Journey Through Life with Water by Herron:


A labour of love. Long in making and long in the waiting. Precious was a journey of many close observations for me. My fascination for water lead me onto the notion that perhaps Life on this planet is an exponential fractal experience for Water. (That, with us finding out during the time of making that water is literally everywhere, galacticly speaking.) Perhaps an odd notion, but it led to an exercise in accurate application of observation and what followed are 365 hand-made drawings done in colour pencil, black ink and white gauche that illustrate a summary of the diversity and inter-action of life on Earth. Both a close-up and broad observation of the age leading into the digital era and one single work of art.

An indication of what the originals look like and the size of the drawings compared to the tools it was made with.

Compiled between 1991 and 2000 from my own sources and altered images from magazines and books. Originally rendered as numerous images on single sheets of paper, each page representing a species or theme, using only naked eye to hand with no tracing or the aid of computers.
Along the way I worked on a few book versions. One was complimented with designs that evolved to become a T-shirt label called Mental Pea©e [1994-2016] Another had information gathered on every depiction along the way. Publishers back then found it too broad to categorize and I believe self-publishing would only reach a limited audience. Though some human development images are now dated, the main issue has only intensified.

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