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A study of the glint of metal and a portrait exercise, based on an old photo of a friend wearing a Turkmen head-dress.
45 X 55cm Oils on linen – 2021 Artists©Shaun Herron

‘Angels on Shoulder’
What are they conspiring?

Oils on linen 50 X 40 cm
2020 Artists©Shaun Herron
Study portrait of a good friend.
I thought to put something more on the left, but then decided that it is peaceful compared to the busy rotation of lines around the central vertical. As a portrait the rest should not distract too much from the face. It is deliberately considered that the shadow of the bass takes you back there if the other lines draw you away.
Oils on wood panel 40 X 50 cm
2020 Artists©Shaun Herron
‘Doing like van Eyck’
Playful (first) self-portrait using the same painting technique as the old masters.
I have been studying how a number of ye olde painters did it for a long time before eventually trying it for myself. This is my first self-portrait (After 30 years of painting seriously). Inspired by Man In A Red Turban by Jan van Eyck. I used a selfie to capture the ‘turban’ but the face is a course of observation over different days – in the mirror – old school.
Oils on wood panel 40 X 50cm
2020 Artists©Shaun Herron

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