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‘Prinsengracht Swanset’
Oils on linen 50 X 70cm
2020 Artists©Shaun Herron
‘Steeple Chase’
Oils on linen 40 X 50cm
2020 Artists©Shaun Herron
Nieuwe Ouwe Uitzicht
The modern appearance of an old view.
Looking from Amsterdam North towards Central Station over ‘t Ij
(Taken a little further than my usual impressions)
The Dutch naval submarine made an appearance preceding Sail 2015.
I added it to accentuate the below sea-level concept.
€ 855.-
Oils on wood panel 40 X 50 cm
2016 Artists©Shaun Herron
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‘Dutch Sky’
Oils on linen 40 X 50cm
2021 Artists©Shaun Herron

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