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‘Steeple Chase’
A rare rooftop view of Amsterdam, framing a collection of most of the old city steeples, without much interference from modern buildings. There was one prominant UMT mast, sticking up in the middle background, shamelessly omitted.
Oils on linen 40 X 50cm
2022 Artists©Shaun Herron
‘Prinsengracht Swanset’
A much-loved view of the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, captured at it’s most flattering time of day. Herron has painted this scene a number of times, but this time observing in more detail.
Oils on linen 50 X 70cm
2020 Artists©Shaun Herron
Nieuwe Ouwe Uitzicht
The modern appearance of an old view.
Looking from Amsterdam North towards Central Station over ‘t Ij
(Taken a little further than my usual impressions)
The Dutch naval submarine made an appearance preceding Sail 2015.
I added it to accentuate the below sea-level concept.
€ 855.-
Oils on wood panel 40 X 50 cm
2016 Artists©Shaun Herron
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‘Dutch Sky’
The artist looking to his neighborhood. To lockdown skies without white scars. Before there was not a true sky there was to be seen. Even out in the country. Then suddenly the skies were as they should be. The skies the old dutch masters were famous for capturing. Fluffy clouds glowing in the light bouncing back off the abundant water surfaces they call Dutch Light. Clear skies and two crows with a covid facemask in the right hand corner bring us into the times.
Oils on linen 40 X 50cm
2021 Artists©Shaun Herron

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