Expressive mixed media paintings for sale:

In this passionate dance of oil on canvas, I’ve unleashed a storm of emotions, swirling in abstract exuberance, each stroke capturing a moment of sublime expression. The vivid colors and dynamic textures invite you to explore the depth of your own feelings. It’s a conversation between the tangible and the ethereal, a visual symphony meant to energize and inspire any space it inhabits.

Oils on canvas
76 X 91 cm
2021 Artists©Shaun Herron

A Talk In The Sun
In my creation, I’ve channeled a fusion of raw emotions and philosophical musings, utilizing acrylic and oil to shape a multi-sensory landscape. The abstract, metaphysical strokes embody an exploration of existence beyond the visible, inviting contemplation. Envisage this painting as a portal, radiating enigmatic energy and sparking profound thoughts in your space.

190 X 135 cm Oils on canvas
2021 Artists©Shaun Herron

Resonant Transition
At a place of transformation between oscillations, states and dimensions. In this painting, I’ve channeled a burst of transformative energy, using acrylic and oil to evoke a sense of emergence from chaos to clarity. The expressionist strokes create a dynamic texture, giving life to the notion of transition and growth. Imagine this artwork on your wall as a conduit for inspiration, a daily reminder of resilience and the beauty found in ever-changing states.

Oils and acrylic on canvas
95 X 70 cm/37.40 x 27.55 inch
2017 Artists©Shaun Herron
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