Mental Peace 1995 to 2015

I originally started making t-shirt designs under the label Mental Peace while on holiday in South Africa in 1994. Once back in Amsterdam in early 1995, talk about t-shirts and production costs arose with Simon Jones while painting a house. Shortly afterwards a damp basement became available as a possible studio. Armed with a tiny budget and a large amount of enthusiasm, Herron and Jones set up a primitive but accurate home-made printing press.  Jones took over and I kept design position while Mental Peace went on to become a well established printing business with larger (and dryer) premises in Amsterdam North. Every summer Mental Peace would tour the European Psytrance festival scene promoting it’s ‘wears’. With the advantage of several years of experience and after much development and transmutation, Mental Peace came to offer a range of truly timeless t-shirts and was a success within its target group. Simon Jones moved back to Australia with his family in 2006 and I took over the printing business together with Frank Radder. This partnership lasted until 2015 when we decided to stop production. On this site I would like to sell my designs (for whatever use) and eventually also individually sell very limited collectors printed garments that I am still able to obtain.
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