Painting Competitions

2010 July  -  Rembrandtplein Kunstplein -  50 competitors from all over Holland  -  Won 3rd prize

2008  June -  Holland Casino Kunstplein -  100 competitors from all over Holland  -  Winner of joint 2nd prize

2006 July - Holland Casino Kunstplein  - 120 competitors -  no selection

2005 June - Holland Casino Kunstplein  - 150 competitors  -  Voted into top 12 winners

2004 May - ‘Kunstplein’ Holland Casino - 220 competitors -  Awarded 1st prize 

2003 May -  Kunstplein America Hotel  -  Sold painting on the day.

Annual national painting competition hosted by the Holland Casino, Amsterdam
Since 2004 the Holland Casino have invited selected artists from all over the Netherlands to compete in a one day event.
Canvasses (60 X 90cm) and food and drink coupons are handed out.
At 12am and at 5pm the paintings (no oils allowed) must be handed in.
This gives about 4 hours to actually paint (given interuptions).
The challenge to every artist is what to conjure up in this short time.
5 judges from different facets of the art world then take a month to nomiate
on grounds of interpretation of the theme and technique.



Competition: Holland Casino Kunstplein 2004
Entrants: 120
Theme: The casino and surroundings
Approach: Decided to sit behind everyone competing and do an impression of the day.
Placing: Winner 1st prize (€1000)[Picture taken from a calendar produced for the following year with the top 12 entrants]



Competition: Holland Casino Kunstplein 2005
Entrants: 100
Theme: Winners
Approach: Painted jubilation. A bit sarcastically as I had chanced on something very heart-breaking on the way there.
Placing: Voted in the top 12. Recieved a bunch of flowers and casino voucher (wasted on me)



Competition: Holland Casino Kunstplein 2006
Entrants: 90
Theme: Rembrandt
Approach: There used to be fortress walls around Amsterdam in the time of Rembrandt van Rijn,
precisely where the casino now stands.
Placing: no nomination

In 2007 I was flying home for my mothers funeral on the day of the competition.


Competition: Holland Casino Kunstplein 2008
Entrants: 75
Theme: Heroes
Approach: The dutch have an expression, "Held op zokken (hero in socks)".
Imagine a comic book illustration of empty shoes and a puff of smoke.
It implies a coward. But in this case I wanted to paint an impression of the day again.
My empty shoes interpreting the old saying in a new ambiguous way.
A coward may jump off a bridge to commit suicide. But doubtful they would bother to remove their shoes.
On the other hand, a hero would probably remove their shoes before jumping in to save the day. A hero in socks.
Placing: Shared 2nd place (€1000 each)



Competition: Henk Veen/Rembrandtsplein/Kunstplein
Entrants: 100?
Theme: Rembrandt
Approach: Painted the scene in front of me (only about 10% of the artists did so),
depicting the day of the competition
and the very shiny, recently restored bronze statue of Rembrandt van Rijn.
Placing: 3rd place. Recieved a voucher for 2 to dinner and an evening at the Escape night club
Wasted on me. Never claimed the prize -
Bling is not my thing ... nor would it have suited most of the contestants ...
1st & 2nd prize shared 500 euros (prizes were not announced before the end)
Though I am honoured to have my painting selected 3rd,
I found the location and event to be lacking by comparison.